Lauren Mayberry And Matt Berninger Talk Stage Nerves, Fame, And More | Music News

Lauren Mayberry Matt Berninger


It’s easy to think of famous people as untouchable, almost separate from us regular humans who cry over favourite bands and mess up many a social interaction. Therefore, it’s comforting to be reminded that they aren’t flawless either. On December 2, Live Nation TV posted a video of CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry and The National‘s Matt Berninger speaking of live show fails, the inability to play guitar, and how they are perceived by others.


“For me, performing is exhilarating but just right on the edge of completely humiliating all the time,” Berninger said. “There’s no way to be totally comfortable up there”. Quoting a friend, Mayberry mused, “It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be authentic”.


In mid-October, Mayberry and Berninger performed The National’s “I Need My Girl” at the Treasure Island Music Festival, which is also discussed with clips of the performance. Watch the full interview below.




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