LCMDF Premiere New Tracks At Flow Festival Launch Party | Music News


Electro-rap-duo Le Corps Mince De Francoise (LCMDF) used the exclusive promotional event for Flow Festival at Stoke Newington’s basement venue Birthdays, as the perfect opportunity to showcase new songs from their forthcoming second album. It would be their first release since 2011’s critically acclaimed Love and Nature.


Eccentric lead singer Emma Kemppainen labelled many of the tracks as a “song [that has] not been heard before“. Although the MØ-esque “Fooled” is streamable on YouTube, “Ying Yang Power” and “Done With The Scene” – a song which Kemppainen exclaims her rejection of metal music – were premieres. Performing in front of a screen of randomly ensembled gif collages (dollar notes, psychedelic mushrooms etc.), red-lipsticked Kemppainen also performed “Take Me To The Mountains” and “Something Golden” from their debut.


Despite being on the verge of their 10th anniversary – although they started off as a trio – they felt obliged to introduce themselves and their complex francophone name. The branded event was to showcase Finnish culture (beer, food) and Finnish musical talent and LCMDF were sandwiched between the enigmatic Nordic Music Prize winner Mirel Wagner and experimental glitch-hop act Paper T & Khid. Emma Kemppainen was so ecstatic to be in London that she vowed to engage in a DJ set later in the evening.




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