‘Legion Of Superheroes’ Film Planned By Warner Bros. And DC Comics | Film News


With the recent explosive popularity of Marvel movies such as The Avengersand Guardians of the Galaxy, which bring multiple superheroes together into one movie, it would only be natural for Warner Bros. and DC Comics to begin planning something of a similar nature. According to Latino Review, the DC comic book Legion of Superheroes is being discreetly passed around by Warner Bros.


Legion of Superheroes debuted in 1958, having endured several reboots. Set in the 30th and 31st centuries, the ‘Legion of Superheroes’ was founded by Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Girl, who have power over electricity, magnetism and mind control respectively. But what do you think? Would a superhero movie from DC stand up to the recent popularity of similar films from Marvel, or does Marvel just do superhero films better?



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