Leo Stannard – Home | Music Video


The young, talented multi-instrumentalist and artist Leo Stannard today releases the video for his latest track “Home“.


“Home” is a stunning showcase of baritone-esque vocals with gentle guitar sounds before launching into a crescendo of a chorus, as crashing drums and piano tie up the track with a bow. The video builds on the wholesome track with protagonist Leo focusing on the different relationships people build in life, whilst he faithfully writes and works on his music in his loving home.


Hailing from Leicester area, the talented musician made a name for himself with two self-released EPs Odyssey and Oceans. He quickly became the most-streamed artist on YouTube channel Mahogany Sessions and has over 18 million Spotify streams.


Speaking about the track, Leo says: “The song is all about making a new home in an unfamiliar place. For me it was moving from Leicester to London and building up a new kind of life in London to make the city feel like home with friends, relationships, career related things and everything else that goes into life.”




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