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After an illustrious career spanning over five decades, Canadian singer, Leonard Cohen, has passed away aged 82. His record label, Sony Music Canada, confirmed the news in a post on his official Facebook page. The precise nature of his passing was not given.


“It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away”


Amongst his contemporaries Cohen counted Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, a group of singer-songwriters who rose to prominence during the 60s and whose influence both was – and is – considerable.


Cohen released his fourteenth album only a few weeks prior to his death, which was recorded after a five-year, 387-date global tour. There is very little that needs to be said with respect to that.


As for the album itself, it displays all the hallmarks the public has come to expect from the Montreal-born musician; the dark and gloomy tone, sardonic humour, and covering a range of themes that evoke emotions from across the spectrum.


Especially given his passing, it will be hard not to view this album with a subtext of finality, a final roll of the dice, which only adding further feeling to what is already evocative by nature.


Below is a song of his most recent album, You Want It Darker, entitled “Travelling Light”. It features extremely tasteful instrumentation and the haunting voice of Cohen as he implies the idea of leaving this world for the next.




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