‘Let’s Be Cops’ Lands In UK Cinemas On August 27 | Film Trailer


Oh, another buddy-cop movie? Yes another buddy-cop movie, but this time there is a twist – the ‘cops’ are not real cops! Let’s Be Cops is a comedy about Ryan and Justin, two thirty-something friends who decide to dress up as police officers for a costume party. But when they manage to convince everybody that they are really the police, the pair decide to keep their new-found identities a little bit longer. Naturally they get themselves into some crazy, hilarious, and entirely realistic situations that test how far they can keep the act up.


Starring Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr, as well as Nina Dobrev and Andy Garcia, Let’ Be Cops looks like a great film if you want to just go and have a laugh. Directed by Luke Greenfield, the film has been getting positive reviews so far. Hopefully the film will live up to the hype when it is released in the UK on the 27th of August, the advanced screening takes place on the 25th of August.




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