Lil Opy + Shimzie – Wedding Day | Music Video


London-based British Nigerian sibling artists Lil Opy and Shimzie are proud to present their brand new single titled “Wedding Day” featuring comedian and musician Uncle Rafool, along with an excellently crafted music video for “Wedding Day” directed by Can Somer.


Produced by 15-year old younger sibling Lil Opy and written by both brothers to celebrate their aunty getting engaged, “Wedding Day” is a celebratory wedding song which speaks to the very heart of one of the greatest days in our human life – our wedding day – and sees Lil Opy and Shimzie delivering on of their best records till date, with an added flavour from Uncle Rafool.


Visually, the “Wedding Day” video expands upon the song’s theme the best way possible, with the visuals covering the actual wedding day of Lil Opy and Shimzie’s aunty, who they wrote the song for in the first place. The sibling duo also performed the song live for the first time, which was also gloriously covered by music video director Can Somer.




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