Lily Allen + Giggs – Trigger Bang | Music Video


The Lily Allen revival is well underway. Last month, we reported on the release of her first single back from hiatus, teaming up with Giggs for “Trigger Bang“. When she teased fans with a snapshot of the pair together, we knew a potential video was in the pipeline. Now after rumours and teases of the collab we finally see pop icon Lily Allen and UK rap legend Giggs join forces for the new video for “Trigger Bang”.


Directed by Myles Whittingham, the new visual is retrospective as we see their younger selves are telling their fabled stories. We see a young Giggs caught within the life of brotherhood and street violence and a young Lily immersed in the life of drugs, partying and apparently waking up in other people’s beds. It is a mix of nostalgia and freedom as it isn’t the lives they indulge in anymore as they reunite and reminisce by the end.


This track and video is the first from Lily Allen’s upcoming fourth album, No Shame, due for release in early summer. Have a look at the brand new video below.




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