Lionsgate Want To Extend ‘The Hunger Games’ And ‘Twilight’ Franchises | Film News


Just when you thought you were safe from endless franchises, and were getting used to live-action reboots, Lionsgate has decided the unimaginable. The media company wants to resurrect The Hunger Games and Twilight, seemingly proving that franchises never die, or rather producers never know when things should end.


Lionsgate already own the rights, and have the chance to create sequels, prequels, or spin offs. The latter two seem the most likely of options; Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have made it quite obvious that they’re trying as hard as possible to detach themselves from their vampiric past, and Jennifer Lawrence enjoying more adult roles.


Still, CEO Jon Feltheimer will get the blessings of Twilight author Stephanie Meyer and Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins before steaming ahead with the plenty more “stories to be told“. I doubt the two would outright refuse the opportunity; bounds money is a wonderful thing, and with both franchises having amounted around the $3 billion mark, I too would be excited.


But maybe I’m not giving anyone any credit. Perhaps Feltheimer really does see quality somewhere in the franchises, and perhaps Collins and Meyer aren’t money hungry writers. And maybe Twilight is the greatest love story ever written. Dreams are real.



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