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Little House on the Prairie


For a long time, it has looked as if Sony’s attempts to make a movie version of Little House on the Prairie were dead in the water. Sony first announced their intentions in 2012 but progress moved on at a snail’s pace; it wasn’t until 2014 that they found a director in Sean Durkin.


After that particular news dropped, Little House on the Prairie fell off the radar. Today, it resurfaces. It has been reported that Sony have now dropped the project but it has been immediately picked up by Paramount instead. Durkin is still attached as director but producer Scott Rudin is no longer going to produce the picture.


Little House on the Prairie is a light family Western TV series that graced the homes and hearts of Americans from 1974 until 1982, being highly popular throughout. It is based on the semi-autobiographical Little House novel series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, an American novelist who grew up in a settler family in Wisconsin in the aftermath of the American Civil War.


Her books explore family life in the Mid-West and themes of racism, prejudice, alcoholism, drug addiction, blindness and adoption. It may sound like a Cowboy EastEnders but that would be doing Little House on the Prairie an injustice.


However, despite its gentle reputation, we may have to be prepared for a slightly darker adaption here as Durkin has been known to dabble in the psychological thriller genre, the director that was considered before him, David Gordon Green, is also no stranger to serious drama and the writer that has signed on, Abi Morgan, also wrote Shame.


This is all speculation, but Little House on the Prairie seems to be attracting some dark sorts. There is no release date set as of yet, but keep an eye on this project.



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