Liverpool Footballer Daniel Sturridge Hints At Future Career In Music | Music News


Daniel Sturridge has expressed a want to delve into the music world in an interview. He talked about how he is already producing material, as well as a general love for music. Asked about the genres that he will focus on with his production, he said, “All different types – R&B, hip-hop, alternative and a little bit of house and dancehall”.


The Liverpool and England striker is well known for his love of both the UK and US scenes, appearing at many music events in the past. With the typical football career relatively short, a future career in music is definitely a possibility.


In addition, he went on to give Birmingham Screamer and Future-affiliated producer, Southside, a special mention as of one of his favourites around. Having played in front of so many people at Wembley and Anfield, perhaps the nerves of playing live music would not be too much of a worry.



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