Lizzy Touches Hearts With New Single ‘Same Woman’

Lizzy, a 23-year-old singer from the Netherlands, has released her new song, “Same Woman,” out since April 12th. Known for her lovely voice and heartfelt songs, Lizzy mixes R&B, soul, and jazz in this track.

the singer’s journey in music shows how much she loves what she does. Starting from a small town, Lizzy made her mark with “Coming ‘N Going” in 2020. She’s released 22 songs since then and got recognized by House of Knowledge.

Teaming up with top producer Mitchell Yard, the artist gives life to “Same Woman” with great music and touching lyrics. The song talks about tough times and staying true to yourself, which Lizzy sings beautifully.

I’ll stay the same woman, even if things get tough. Stick to your path,” Lizzy sings, sharing her message of staying strong.

In “Same Woman,” Lizzy explores themes of loyalty and facing challenges, inviting listeners into her world of emotions. With a blend of soulful melodies and honest lyrics, Lizzy creates a song that resonates with anyone who has ever felt tested by life’s trials.

Lizzy has exciting plans for the future, like releasing more music and performing live. As of now, she hasn’t announced specific dates but keep an eye on her social media channels and official announcements for updates! She’s inspired by her recent trip to South Africa and wants fans to join her journey.

Lizzy’s music, full of soul and meaning, connects with fans everywhere, putting her on the right track for the rest of his career.

Listen to “Same Woman” below![/emebd]


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