llover Releases Vibrant Summer Track ‘Béni (Remix)’

Belgian artist Ilover, born Virgile-Oliver, has unveiled “Béni (Remix),” a lively reinterpretation of his 2022 hit “Béni.” This new version, crafted by producers Mokeeyz and GML Music, infuses the original with upbeat zouk and konpa rhythms, making it a perfect fit for summer playlists. Eager for listener feedback, Ilover is also open to questions from fans.

Ilover’s journey began in Uccle, Belgium, in 1999. He was born into a Christian family originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is the second of six siblings. His early life was marked by significant challenges, including his parents’ divorce, frequent relocations, and a severe illness. These adversities led him to find comfort and strength in his faith.

At the age of 12, Ilover chose to be baptized, and by 15, he dedicated his life to serving God after surviving a near-death experience. This life-changing event revealed his gift for music composition. He started writing numerous hymns, eventually developing into the artist now known as Ilover.

Throughout his career, Ilover has drawn from his personal experiences to enrich his music and share his testimony, aiming to guide others to Christ. Despite life’s difficulties, his commitment to his faith and music has remained unwavering.

In 2022, Ilover joined the independent label Yotsi Music after producing several projects on his own. His latest album, OLI IS THE NAME, released on December 16, 2022, chronicles his personal journey and testimony. The album is available on all major digital platforms.

With “Béni (Remix),” Ilover continues to merge his faith and musical talent, inviting listeners to experience his spiritual and artistic evolution. This remix is another step in his mission to inspire and connect with audiences through his faith-driven music.

Listen to “Béni (Remix)” here!


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