Logic Announces New Novel ‘Supermarket’ Releasing This Year | Music News


Rumours, reports and speculations have been swirling around about Grammy nominated rapper Logic‘s debut book and now it seems like we shall be getting the book to hand sooner rather than later. After a career-making 2017 and a awesome 2019 follow up, it seems like 2019 will be the year of Logic, the author.


Jumping on Instagram to share the news, the rapper posted a picture on January 1 in ‘winter writer’ attire, leaving a simple message indicating that his novel, which is titled Supermarket, is dropping this year.




It puts a lot of wait and anticipation to rest after first announcing that he was writing the novel back in Autumn 2017.




Last month, Logic revealed to Billboard that the novel would be about “a guy falling in love with a girl”, and that the story would have an accompanying soundtrack, featuring a song produced by Mac DeMarco.


This news comes a little over a month after it was revealed that Logic will be co-writing and co-starring in a JJ Abrams-directed film. He wouldn’t be the first rapper to pen a novel. In 2013, Meek Mill published Tony Story, an expansion upon his series of songs of the same name.



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