London Based R&B Artist Taura Lamb Unveils New Single ‘Chapters’

In her newest track titled “Chapters,” R&B and pop singer-songwriter Taura Lamb graces us with a celestial vocal performance.

This is beautifully accentuated by a gentle acoustic guitar arrangement and her distinctive layered harmonies, blowing a revitalizing breeze into the world of R&B.

Taura describes this track as one of her most meaningful songs, composed during a particularly painful period in her life – the acceptance of a loved one’s departure. She describes the song as a portrayal of “the bittersweet feeling of knowing you’re doing the right thing, but not being quite ready to turn the page.”

Released on June 21, 2023, and brilliantly produced by St Luna, the theme of “Chapters” was borne out of a live TikTok stream. Taura asked her audience to suggest topics she could explore in her songwriting.

It was a comment from one of the musician’s closest friends that struck a chord and became the inspiration behind the lyrics. Through this poignant song, Taura expresses her memories of her beloved friend and their shared moments before their final goodbye.

She delicately captures the struggle of moving on: “Deep down I know it’s time to turn a brand new page but I want to read this one again.”

Before stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, Taura Lamb worked behind the scenes, crafting lyrics for artists such as Julian Perretta and The Magician. She released her self-produced debut EP, Lucky Girls, in 2020.

Since then, Taura’s musical contributions have received commendation. Her project, “Revisions,” earned her features on BBC Radio 1 and Wonderland Magazine, and she has performed at notable events such as the Camden Assembly and Cross the Tracks Festival.

Taura, who was recently recognized as a ‘Rising Record Artist’ by BBC Radio London, is set to release a series of EPs under the collective title Moods. This upcoming collection, including the EP Blue where “Chapters” is featured, is definitely worth anticipating.

Experience the profound journey of “Chapters” by Taura Lamb down below.


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