London Pop Jazz Musician Daisy Veacock Shares Festive New Track ‘My My My’ With James R Walker

London’s vibrant busking scene has a new star in Daisy Veacock, whose fusion of pop and jazz has been capturing the essence of urban life through her detailed and heartfelt songwriting.

Daisy, in collaboration with James R. Walker, releases her latest single “My My My,” a romantic Christmas ballad that promises to warm hearts during the holiday season.

The genesis of “My My My” started with a simple voice note from James R. Walker to Daisy, sparking a creative flurry that culminated in this charming track. The duo set out to craft a modern-day classic, envisioning a 2023 counterpart to the timeless “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” but with a fresh twist. Their goal was to encapsulate the innocence and beauty of Christmas love stories, creating a narrative that resonates with listeners during the festive period.

Daisy Veacock first caught the public’s attention with her breakout single “Pickle Juice,” which gained traction on TikTok in 2022 and even earned an unexpected nod from Branson Pickle. Her unique sound, drawing comparisons to Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse’s jazz influences, has been recognized and praised by Billboard.

“My My My” is a testament to Daisy’s artistic versatility, beautifully weaving a story of blossoming love set against the picturesque backdrop of London during Christmas. The song stays true to her artistic vision of creating resonant music through collaboration with close partners.

With its enchanting melody and heartwarming lyrics, “My My My” is poised to resonate with audiences globally, adding a romantic touch to this year’s holiday playlist.

Fans of heartfelt, narrative-driven music can experience the magic of Daisy Veacock and James R. Walker’s collaboration in “My My My,” available now for listening below.


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