London Rapper and Songwriter Christopha Presents New Single ‘Uncool Kids’

North London rapper and songwriter Christopha presents his new release titled “Uncool Kids“. It’s a beautiful, meaningful song with a real story behind it. Accompanied by Christopha’s very soothing voice, it is both a song full of rhythm and meaningful silence.

In his come up, Christopha earned a first-class degree from college, developed into a tech industry company leader, and gained the support of illustrious UK rappers like Ty (Rest in Power) and Skinnyman, along the way.

Christopha brings something very unique to the table with a journey that is out of the ordinary, musical influences ranging from Kano to India Arie, and a message that is anchored in empowerment and laced with lyricism.

He published the Hidden EP in 2020, which led to BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts, and Bucks recognising him as a Future Name.

Christopha is now prepared to expand on that success with his ’26 Miles and Running’ initiative to release a marathon of music, which will translate to a single every two weeks for the entire year.

Three singles have been published to rousing acclaim, and BBC 1Xtra has played two of the tracks on its national radio station network. There are still more than 20 singles to be released, so there will be a lot more!

The fourth song from Christopha’s 26 Miles and Running project is titled “Uncool Child”. This recent release is a soulful, thoughtful hip-hop song about growing up different and dealing with peer pressure.

Christopha touches on his experience in high school and the challenging realities of juggling academic success, social acceptance, and the attraction of an illicit lifestyle while complementing the rhythm with a laid-back and relaxed flow.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Uncool Kids” by Christopha below!


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