London Rapper Enny Unveils Amia Brave Collaboration ‘Peng Black Girls’ | Music News


South East London rapper and singer Enny has just released her brand-new single “Peng Black Girls”, a collaboration that features R&B artist Amia Brave.


“Peng Black Girls” is a hip-hop anthem, an empowering rapped tune directed to all Black women, that sees the singer and Amia Brave collaborate for the first time.


The song is Enny’s third-ever single, and delivers a message of unity between Black women everywhere. As the two pieces she has previously unveiled, the track displays the artist’s complex flows and witty storytelling skills.


Before “Peng Black Girls”, Enny’s debut single “He’s Not Into You” was released in April. After winning widespread support with this first track, she dropped its follow-up, the mellow and jazz-flecked “For You”.


About the process of writing “Peng Black Girls”, Enny explains: “PBG was written from a place of my subconscious. Looking at my family, friends or even random women and just thinking wow, society and your own culture will tell you you’re not beautiful because your skin is a certain shade, or your features don’t look a certain way.


Reflecting on what writing the song meant for her, she adds: “Now looking back at it, PBG was the beginning of me not caring and just being happy as I am…a complicated British Nigerian girl from southeast London with some very African features”.


You can listen to the track right here:




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