London Vocalist George Riley Unveils New Single ‘TRIXXX’ | Music News


British singer and producer George Riley has just dropped her fourth single “TRIXXX”, a futuristic merging of R&B, trip hop and electronica, for which the singer was joined by regular collaborator Oliver Palfreyman. The song maximises its diverse influences to take George Riley’s sound to uncharted territories.


It’s a rumination on Riley’s use of social media, and deals with falling through the traps of the online representation of others and toxic self-comparison. Through this concept, the track also explores the idealisation of egocentricity and popularity’s role in society’s collective self-absorption.


Starting with a disorientating soundscape, the song bubbles and whirrs with a sparse groove. Heavily saturated bass notes cascade against shards of opposing synth textures, with Riley’s fragile yet powerful jazz inflected delivery providing the thread to tie the fractured elements together.


A bracingly self-assured showing, the track spotlights George Riley’s ease with taking the road less travelled; eschewing genre convention to provide a sound that’s uncompromising in tone yet devastatingly immediate.


Throughout this new record, Riley addresses the fact that via the constant chasing of clout and society’s cosmetic preference towards whiteness, Black women are consistently chasing a demon that takes from their culture while criticising the people behind it. We’ll let you check out this new interesting offering from the George Riley.


You can listen to “TRIXXX” here:




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