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Last year David Bowie released his first album in a decade, The Next Day, to critical acclaim. The LP, with its revamped cover art of 1977’s Heroes, sparked lingering hopes that he was back to his old tricks. This was seemingly confirmed in a message sent by the singer to a London Charity auction celebrating his life’s work, where he signed off with “More music soon. David”. With producer Tony Visconti later backing up this statement, informing CNN that, “there’s gonna be a another album… soon”, it seemed as if everything was a go.


Then yesterday Visconti dashed our hopes and dreams by clarifying via Twitter exactly what he meant; “CNN, I didn’t say new Bowie album soon. I quoted the man, who said ‘More music soon’ on Bowie.net. That music is Sue”. “Sue”, Bowie’s upcoming single, is to be released in November and will be included along with an impressive back catalogue as part of a greatest hits album, entitled Nothing Has Changed. The album will be produced by Visconti. Whilst for now it seems as if no forthcoming LP or tour is upon us, we can be relieved that the singer has at least some new material coming our way.



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