Los Angeles Musician Chris Wills Shares New Single ‘Ready To Go’

After a period of transformation, Chris Wills is back with a fresh vibe and perspective. Teaming up with producer Steven Colyer, his latest track “Ready to Go” marks a significant evolution in his music.

Transitioning from LA to Brooklyn, Wills’ life changes are mirrored in the lyrics of “Ready to Go.” The song speaks of embracing love and the uncertainties of life. “I’m not running, I’m ready to go,” sings Wills, encapsulating his readiness for change and commitment to love.

Collaborating with his girlfriend Liz Nistico, also known as Revenge Wife, Wills infuses personal experiences into his music.

“I heard this song in a dream,” reveals Wills, emphasizing the intimate connection between his life and his music. Inspired by artists like The Cure and Tom Petty, Wills’ music is a blend of nostalgia and maturity.

With an upcoming album in the works, Wills plans to release a series of singles, showcasing his growth as an artist.
Reflecting on his journey, Wills shares, “The less rigid you become with your life’s plan, the more life seems to open up.”

Encouraging listeners to embrace change, Wills invites them to take a walk while listening to “Ready to Go.” “There’s so much world building that he’s doing as an artist,” remarks a fan, highlighting the depth of Wills’ music. Known for his independence, Wills’ authenticity shines through in his live shows and visuals.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Wills enjoys spending time with his three dogs and playing basketball.

With “Ready to Go,” Chris Wills invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and love, marking a new chapter in his musical career.

Listen to “Ready to Go” below!


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