Los Angeles Musician Jackson Breit Releases New Single ‘BS’

Los Angeles-based musician Jackson Breit has released a new single called “BS,” produced by Etienne Bowler, the drummer for the band Misterwives. Breit and Bowler aimed to achieve a sound reminiscent of early Maroon 5, specifically “Songs About Jane,” with a pop/R&B twist.

Interestingly, there’s a funny backstory behind the creation of the song. Breit brought his dog Cassius to the first recording session despite warnings from Bowler about his slightly territorial husky. The two dogs did not get along at first, creating a tense and possibly even “sexual” atmosphere.

But after a long walk together, the two dogs managed to coexist peacefully. This experience inspired Breit and Bowler to write a song about the two dogs meeting in human form. As a fun Easter egg, one of Breit’s vocal takes even includes a bark.

Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Breit is releasing a series of EPs, with each one exploring a different genre. He released the R&B EP earlier this year and has a pop EP on the way. However, he is also releasing singles that aren’t part of the EP series, such as “BS.” The soul EP is set to be released later in the summer, with the rock EP following in the winter.

Breit is a multi-talented musician who grew up playing trumpet and guitar. He produces most of his own music and writes all of his songs. He is excited to share his music, which spans a wide array of genres, and has compartmentalized it for his listeners with the EP series.

Fans of Maroon 5 and pop/R&B will definitely want to check out “BS” and keep an eye out for Breit’s upcoming EPs. Listen to “BS” below!


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