Los Angeles Based Artist Thea Sass-Ainsworth Releases ‘Love Me Lonely’

Los Angeles-based artist Sass-Ainsworth has unveiled her new single and accompanying music video titled “Love Me Lonely“. Recorded and produced by Andy Goldstone at Platypus Sound, the track showcases Sass-Ainsworth’s emotional vulnerability and rawness as she explores themes of passionate yet lonely love.

Through her haunting vocals and the powerful combination of distorted guitar and rock roots, Sass-Ainsworth captures the bittersweet emotions of loss, solitude, and a relationship’s inevitable end. The track is enhanced with a touch of a low-swinging country ballad, perfectly complemented by the music video, which was filmed during a snowfall in her home state of Minnesota.

“Love Me Lonely” delves into the depths of loneliness, the winter of the soul, and the kind of pain that leaves a lasting impact. The song portrays the shock of loss, the intensity of love and desire, and the emptiness that remains after being left alone and abandoned.

Born in Minnesota and now residing in Los Angeles, Thea Sass-Ainsworth examines themes of memory, desire, and loss through her music, lyrics, and visuals. With a distinctive raspy voice, the rocker released her debut EP, Manderley, in 2022. The album offers a collection of intertwining memories and lost love, held together by sensual moments in smoky rooms. Following the EP’s release, Sass-Ainsworth played sold-out shows at LA’s Star Love and NY’s The Sultan Room.

Experience the emotional intensity of Sass-Ainsworth’s latest single “Love Me Lonely” by watching the music video below:


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