Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter Alex Bloom Shares Contemplative New Single ‘Yeah’

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Alex Bloom has released his contemplative new single “Yeah“, a reflection on self-realization and the complexities of life decisions.

This latest track, a fusion of introspective lyrics and engaging melodies, comes as the third single from his forthcoming album, Across The Country. Written and produced in the solitude of his Echo Park apartment during the summer of 2020, “Yeah” emerged amidst a period of intense artistic introspection for Bloom.

The single is an outcome of his revisiting older compositions, where he found new inspiration in simpler chord progressions and more straightforward musical expression. This creative journey also led to his 2020 EP Memory Card A.

“Yeah” delves into the theme of living in a comfortable yet unfulfilling state. It encapsulates the feeling of waking up to the realization that life hasn’t turned out as one hoped, despite outward appearances of contentment.

The track’s music complements this sentiment, presenting a steady and aesthetically pleasing surface, while hints of deep longing and dissatisfaction gradually come to the forefront, especially in the powerful choruses.

In the context of his upcoming LP, “Yeah” signifies Bloom’s period of adjustment and introspection after returning to Los Angeles, capturing the disappointment when expectations don’t align with reality. This song is a candid exploration of life’s unexpected turns and the internal struggles they can cause.

Bloom’s approach to music remains unconfined by genre, driven by a desire to explore a wide range of influences. A testament to this is his admiration for J Dilla, which inspired him to create a beat influenced by the iconic hip-hop producer for his song “Bleary”. This blending of diverse influences underlines Bloom’s commitment to authenticity and experimentation in his music.

With praise from critics for his “lyrically idiosyncratic and simply euphoric” style, and comparisons to esteemed blog era artists like Bleachers, Alex Bloom continues to establish himself as a versatile and introspective voice in the modern singer-songwriter landscape.

Listen to “Yeah” below!



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