Los Angeles Vocalist And Pianist Milena Gligic Unveils New Single ‘Daredevil’

Milena Gligic, a multi-talented vocalist and pianist based in Los Angeles, has enchanted audiences with the release of her debut single “Daredevil” and its accompanying music video. Known for her versatility across operatic, jazz, and Balkan ethno styles, Gligic ventures into new musical territories with this release, offering an evocative and immersive experience.

“Daredevil” is inspired by a significant personal encounter in Gligic’s life, with the lyrics prophesying the impact of this relationship. The song was born from a burst of inspiration during a drive home, featuring a string arrangement by Dimitrije Cvetkovic, a close friend and collaborator.

The music video, directed by Marlon Vladimir Rodriguez and edited by Luka Stemberger, features Gligic in a captivating narrative shot in black and white, showcasing scenes of intimacy and romance, all while highlighting her powerful vocal performance against a haunting piano melody.

Gligic’s musical journey has been marked by prestigious collaborations with the LA Opera, the LA Philharmonic, and numerous choirs and ensembles around the world. Additionally, she contributes to the next generation of artists as a faculty member at CalArts University and UCLA.

Reflecting on her artistic evolution, Gligic shares that “Daredevil” represents her first venture into the singer-songwriter genre, attributing the song’s creation to a newfound source of creativity awakened by the eponymous “daredevil.” This release signifies a new chapter in her career, blending her classical training with her exploration of contemporary sounds.

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Gligic has made a name for herself through her commitment to exploring diverse musical styles, from Bossa Nova to Early Music. With “Daredevil,” she continues to evolve as an artist, each step of her journey marked by passion and creativity.

Watch the music video for “Daredevil” below!


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