Love Moor And Moliy Collaborate On New Track ‘Pacifier’

Caribbean American singer Love Moor presents her new track “Pacifier” featuring Moliy. It is a very beautiful song, indeed it combines both calm and power in the rhythm and melody accompanied by the beautiful voices of the two singers.

The sound on the song combines alternative dancehall, R&B, and Afropop, and it provides the ideal backdrop for the two performers to trade verses. Both voice work well together and create a seductive mood, transporting listeners to a night out with their crush as they fall head over heels in love.

According to Love Moor, “Pacifier is steamy, sexy and vibrant but very sweet. I started writing it with the intention to portray emotional and physical safety with a person… but of course make it sultry. The day that I was working on it was the same day I got to meet Moliy. We only had intentions on meeting each other that day but the vibe was so right that we ended up creating “Pacifier” together. Her verse creates this beautiful context and atmosphere“.

Love Moor is also getting ready for the March 15th release of her upcoming EP titled Love. She provides solace for weary and broken souls in a cruel world. Her music screams, “why care less when you could love more?

Love Moor, an island native with southern origins, infuses her music with a beautifully varied combination of influences. Her intriguing songs about love, empowerment, and heartbreak are sung with mature insight in her warm, raspy voice.

Love’s Caribbean parents, who created the groundwork for the kind of artist she is now, brought her up in Miami after she was born in New York. Love was bound for greatness because her mother immigrated to America to pursue a career as a singer and her father works as a DJ.

Diana Ross, Bob Marley, and Amy Winehouse were the constants in the house; anything with soul that made you want to dance.

Her debut album Motions, released in November 2020, was a realistic, raw collection of Love’s feelings that centred on her experiences of dissociation as a result of the tumultuous happenings in the globe. Due to the project’s widespread popularity, Love Moor signed with Human Re-Sources in 2022.

Love is getting ready to release a new EP in 2023 that is essentially focused on love and all the various facets of her journey falling into and out of it. She takes risks, shows vulnerability, and gives too much of herself for so little in return. The project opens with the sensual and upbeat song “Fantasies,” which is followed by this brand-new single.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Pacifier“ by Love Moor and Moliy below!


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