Luc Besson’s Next Film ‘Anna’ To Star Helen Mirren And Luke Evans | Film News


Filmmaker Luc Besson is swiftly moving on from this summer’s under-delivered Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets with Anna. Lionsgate and EuropaCorp are reportedly finalising a production deal for the film, which already boasts stars as big as Helen Mirren and Luke Evans.


The Queen and Gaston are joined by Cillian Murphy of Inception and The Dark Knight. They further welcome Sasha Luss to the acting world, having risen as a Russian model, and after enjoying a brief cameo in Besson’s Valerian.


Though production on the movie starts this November – hoping for a 2018 release – the project still seems to be in its early stages with lots of information due. It seems a bit of a rush and considering the relative flop that Busson saw this summer, I’d spend a little more time seasoning future projects.



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