Lucy Rose Worried Record Label Will Drop Her | Music News


English singer-songwriter, Lucy Rose released her new album Work It Out last week and debuted in the UK Top 10 album charts, but is already worrying her label will drop her. Rose says she feels that too many of her fans are streaming her new LP rather than buying it. She told The Inquiry on the BBC World Service, “I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to survive in the music industry and to get established in any way. If people don’t buy my record, [instead of streaming] I will get dropped by my label”.


She added “I think it’s disheartening a lot of the time if you’re a musician and you’re putting out stuff and people are appreciating it and coming to your shows and stuff, but if people don’t buy the records, there’s no money… to make another record… So I guess if that is the case, then I’d just have to stop making music if it didn’t work out”. Rose is so passionate about this that she took part in the BBC program about streaming. Listen to Rose’s interview with The Inquiry here.



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