Lung Dart – Paradise Turns | New Music


There’s only one way to describe Lung Dart’s sound and that’s tranquil. They belong to the emerging label Happy Valley Records who are based in London via Hong Kong and are outputting gorgeously modern, indie compositions. Happy Valley have been responsible for sensational band Cloud Castle Lake’s recent releases and it appears their charm has rubbed off with Lung Dart too. Last month Lung Dart released their euphoric track “B. OK” and now have presented the stunning new song “Paradise Turns”.


Lung Dart create music with everyday samples, including the London Underground, a broken washing machine and a cassette player. The mix mash of worldly sounds and expert craft produce a sincere record with a fresh flow. Overlaid by soft vocal harmonies, the duo build their music without haste. “Paradise Turns” is taken from their forthcoming EP EBBS which is set to be released on April 27. Relax and stream “Paradise Turns” below.




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