Mac Miller + Sean Price – Pet Sounds | New Music


In honour of Sean Price who passed away recently, Mac Miller has shared a previously unreleased collaboration with the late Brooklyn rapper entitled “Pet Sounds”. Production comes from Nottz who opens the song with a smooth jazzy number before chopping it up and looping it over a laid back drum beat.


Mac raps on the opening verses with some comedic and trippy lyrics – supposedly written whilst dabbling with shrooms. Sean Price then takes over for the final verse. Despite the brevity of his appearance, Price wastes no time in letting us know why he’s so fondly remembered, delivering lines such as “f**k the king of New York, in my presence they’re all peasants“, in his distinctive gruff style.


Tributes to Sean Price continue to pour in from across the Hip Hop community after his untimely passing earlier this month, and by sharing this track, Mac Miller remembers the rap veteran in his own unique way by reminding the world what Sean did best.




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