Madrid Artist And Producer Fitasha Releases New Single ‘I Love You’

Madrid-based artist Fitasha has once again captivated us with her new song “I Love You“. Her sweet voice, accompanied by the melodies of the guitar and saxophone, artfully experiments with the roots of jazz, blending them with neo soul and indie elements.

The clever composition deviates from traditional frameworks and offers the artist’s voice a harmonious flexibility. “I Love You” by Fitasha has us falling in love as the mix of English and Spanish lyrics takes us back to the conflicted feelings of our first love and that ambivalent sensation of uncertainty.

Spanish singer, producer, and songwriter Fitasha hails from Madrid. Her music evolves from the soulful foundations of traditional jazz to avant-garde fusions and funk-style disco beats. She also enjoys infusing her distinct personality and heartfelt, inspiring songs with urban Latin styles.

Drawing inspiration from Mother Nature, Fitasha believes that fungi hold the key to saving both the Earth and humanity. Her songs resonate with listeners worldwide, conveying messages of optimism and self-love. With the mantra “do it yourself,” Fitasha encourages her fans to pursue their passions, follow their dreams, and become self-reliant.

We eagerly anticipate her next release, but for now, enjoy her latest single below:


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