MakeYouKnowLove – Vitamin | Music Video


Award winning songwriter/producer duo MYKL – also known as MakeYouKnowLove have released their brilliant debut single “Vitamin“.


“Vitamin” is an infectiously upbeat track influenced by a mix of R&B, indie and heavy 80’s pop vibes. MYKL’s center stage vocals tell a story of fantasizing about what it would be like if they allowed themselves to fall in love and dreaming about the feeling of being devoted to another. The video to match is a very tongue-in-cheek portrayal on the modern love story featuring inflatable air dancers.


On “Vitamin”, MYKL say: “Why can’t we all talk about our insecurities, about sex, adventure, love and being free with our feelings? Break boundaries. Break speakers.”


MYKL remains as an enigma and the music that they create is to encourage people to understand what ‘love’ is. The duo – made up of brothers Anthony and Michael Hannides – explain “You can’t see us, but you can see what we represent. MYKL is an idea, that you can be whoever you want to be, no prejudice or preconception.”




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