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Last night recently featured talented rapper, Malick IV, released his highly anticipated brand new EP, SteezDaddy, a real and honest body of work via Soundcloud.


The EP was produced by @BeingNickDre, @SELVSSE, and @VSOfficialMusic.


Malick has cultivated his talent through his consistent delivery since the early days in 2013 with the release of his free EP, Blood Of A Martyr, which gained him a feature on the MOBO’s “underground releases” gaining him a massive fan following.


Throughout the album Malick executes a range of emotions that compliment his persona. For example, in his first track listeners are given a mellow, reminiscent vibe as he reflects back to his childhood days, but fast forwarding through the album to tracks like “17”, listeners get a more serious, affirmative rapper who sets his expectations high and claims his success, with lyrics like “Now I think bigger, I’m thinking Penthouse in the Radisson” .


All in all I think Malick has undoubtedly caught the attention of multiple listeners both existing and critics alike. Definitely worth the wait, and play.


Listen to the SteezDaddy EP below and let us know your thoughts.




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