Manchester Musician And Producer Isa Y Shares New Track ‘Let’s Stay Together’

Manchester’s rising talent Isa Y released his debut single “Let’s Stay Together” on November 10th, introducing listeners to his unique blend of Pop, Soul, and Alt-RnB.

At just 24 years old, Isa Y embodies the essence of both classic and contemporary influences, drawing inspiration from musical legends like Hall and Oates, D’Angelo, and Earth Wind and Fire. This single marks Isa’s ambitious entry into the music scene, offering a fresh yet nostalgic sound that promises to resonate with a wide audience.

“Let’s Stay Together” delves into the complexities of love, wrapped in the allure of optimistic melodies. The track is richly layered with a full ensemble of instruments, including brass and strings, alongside captivating vocal and instrumental harmonies, ensuring a dynamic listening experience.

Available on major streaming platforms, as well as iTunes and Bandcamp, the song has already garnered attention, featuring in Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds UK’ playlist and receiving international airplay.

Isa Y, a multi-instrumentalist and composer, takes full ownership of the track, having produced, written, and played every element. His commitment to detail and passion for music shines through, reflecting a diverse array of influences from Stevie Wonder to Justin Timberlake. This eclectic mix has shaped Isa’s sound, which he aims to center on the music itself, marrying compositional depth with contemporary appeal.

With “Let’s Stay Together,” Isa Y sets a high bar for his musical career, positioning himself as a significant new voice in Manchester’s vibrant music scene. As he is currently being considered for Manchester’s ‘Artist of the Month,’ Isa’s journey is one to watch, promising more innovative and soul-stirring music in the future.

Listen to “Let’s Stay Together” below!


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