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After the Nordic Music Awards were announced earlier this month featuring a few albums still unavailable in the southern warmer areas of Europe, it could seem unfair to Scandophiles outside Nordic waters who want to be as up to date with their collections. It’s a similar case with Finnish-Algerian Manna who released her third album on October 24, last year, after a five year break and numerous hair colour alterations, but with the power of the internet, we can at least acknowledge optimism from five star praise in Finnish newspaper Keskisuomalainen calling it “refreshing” and “humane”, and a 11th place best-of the-year accolade awarded by Finland’s musical gateway Rumba, just behind Nordic award nominee Mirel Wagner.


Her teaser song for the new release over here is entitled “Troublebird”, and like the new album’s cover artwork, it is minimalistic and stripped backm emphasizing on her blues rock Patti Smith meets PJ Harvey vocals and her love-analyzing lyrics. It unusually focuses on piano and subtle guitar strumming and although it’s a departure from the overall aggressive and gritty alternative rock of the critically acclaimed Songs of Hope and Desire, it has hints of the slower introspective side of the previous LP such as “She Moves” and “Olivia’s Song”.


The imperfect production allows atmospheric sound to scatter behind the lonesome vocals and obscure poetry and adds an intimacy that is complimented by the voyeuristic music video. Maybe she is toying with us like the secretive animal of the black bird, who enjoy watching us marvel over their mysterious meanings until we reach a total path of understanding. Enjoy her latest music video for “Troublebird” below, and look out for the European release of Blackbird in the spring.




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