Margot Robbie To Join Cast Of ‘Ghost In The Shell’ | Film News


If you are a manga fan, like me, it will have been difficult to have avoided the classic manga hit that is Ghost in the Shell. Well, needless to say, Dreamworks are now producing a live action remake of the iconic manga classic, and there is talk of Margot Robbie joining the cast list. Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about this project other than that the director will be Rupert Sanders, and that the script will be penned by William Wheeler.


The film will take place in a futuristic setting where humans are able to have mechanical implants thanks to cybernetic advances, and robots are now able to be upgraded with real human tissue. The story follows the character of Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg security agent, who is charged with tracking down The Puppet Master, a hacker who is capable of reprogramming his puppets to do his bidding.


It is unclear who Margot Robbie will be playing, though rumours have arisen that she is being considered for the lead role despite that, nothing has, as of yet, been confirmed. Unfortunately, we also know nothing about any future release date, but it looks like an interesting project, and I’m sure that fans of the original manga series can’t wait to see what will happen.



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