Mariannie Ompoc Unveils Sensual New Single ‘Fool For You’

With her latest self-produced single “Fool For You“, Mariannie Ompoc sets the music scene alight with a powerful blend of soulful resonance and modern sensuality.

From the vibrant cultural fusion of the Philippines to the diverse landscapes of Canada emerges a compelling voice that is redefining the contours of contemporary R&B.

With “Fool For You,” Mariannie invites listeners into a world where desire reigns supreme. The song, a self-produced masterpiece, features smooth melodic vocals, accompanied by the gentle strumming of the guitar and the haunting notes of the piano.

Each meticulously crafted text lays bare the raw intensity of love, evoking a sense of vulnerability and longing that is both timeless and deeply resonant.

Mariannie’s musical odyssey began at the age of 4, steeped in the rich traditions of gospel music. Influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye, she blends her roots harmoniously with her new Canadian homeland. It was here that her childhood was filled with musical theatre performances and adventures, laying the foundations for her artistic evolution.

What sets the singer apart is not just her powerful voice or her prowess as a songwriter, but her mastery over music production. From her first steps on the piano to her exploration of audio engineering after university, Mariannie has honed her craft with dedication. This commitment shines through in her two EPs, “RORSCHACH” and “1993”, which have won critical acclaim for their innovative approach and soul-stirring melodies.

In a recent statement, Mariannie shares her creative process, revealing, “I really didn’t rely on the metronome for most of the instruments outside of the drums because it really gave it that sway and groove.”

This intentional departure from convention infuses “Fool For You” with a magnetic allure, drawing listeners into its rhythmic embrace and inviting them to lose themselves in its intoxicating melody.

As Mariannie Ompoc continues to carve her path in the dynamic landscape of contemporary music, one thing is certain – her voice, infused with authenticity and passion, will continue to captivate audiences around the world.

With “Fool For You,” she proves once again that she is not just an artist, but a storyteller, weaving tales of love and desire that resonate with the human experience in all its complexity.

Listen to “Fool For You” below!


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