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Introducing another glorious find from SubmitHub. Meet Washington by way of Seattle singer-songwriter Mark Diamond with his latest offering titled “Find You”, which was written by Mark himself, and produced by Aaron Campbell. It’s a really strong Pop-ballad-esque track, with gripping instrumentation and production.


Speaking about the record, Diamond says, “this song represents the part of my brain telling me to not worry so much. I think we all realize as we get older that we have less and less control of which direction our lives go. When we’re young, we plan out so many things in our head like when we will get married, when we will have a family and what job we will have“.


Diamond added that, “‘Find You’ is a very cinematic track in my head. When I wrote this song, I could see it visually every time that I closed my eyes. This song is very raw and real to me. It’s a message to a distant future that you hope sends a message back. In my head I picture two people on opposite sides of the universe trying to send out radio signals to each other that say ‘I know you’re out there and I love you’ sort of thing”.




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