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Following the release of the critically acclaimed documentary Amy about the life and untimely death of Amy Winehouse, DJ and producer Mark Ronson has spoken out about the time he spent with her. Speaking to the Guardian, Ronson hailed the late great as being “one of the best lyricists of this generation“. Having worked with her on her second and final full length studio album Back To Black, he went on to say, “you see the lyrics on the screen, you remember how amazing they were, even the lyrics from before I worked with her, like ‘Stronger than Me’“.


While many would argue Winehouse’s talent was taken away far too soon, the brains behind “Uptown Funk” takes it a little more personally, having recorded her entire album in just 10 days. “I wish it was more time because I’d have more memories of it, but it was just a really wonderful, meeting someone, hitting it off right away and just being partners in crime“. He also said watching the film was an “emotional” experience and was “a bit like hanging out with an old friend again“. Amy was released on July 3rd and broke box office records for the biggest opening weekend for a British documentary ever.



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