Marli Shares Soulful Reflection On New Single ‘Eyes On Me’

Marli, a rising star in R&B/Soul music, is set to release her latest single “Eyes On Me”. The track delves into the complexities of modern relationships, touching on themes of seduction and self-reflection.

With lyrics penned by Marli herself, “Eyes On Me” explores the paradoxical nature of attraction and rejection in interpersonal dynamics. The song’s bilingual approach, incorporating both English and Italian, adds depth to Marli’s exploration of her cultural identity.

In discussing her inspiration for the song, Marli explains, “One look into my eyes and I got you / Got you despite you don’t want to / Can’t keep your eyes off of me / Can’t you see the irony.” These lines encapsulate the magnetic pull and push often experienced in relationships.

Musically, “Eyes On Me” boasts a sultry sound characterized by deep bass and cool guitar riffs, complementing Marli’s powerful yet vulnerable vocals. The blend of languages and instrumentals creates an irresistible atmosphere with hit potential.

Reflecting on her journey as an artist, Marli shares, “Music is like therapy for me. Songwriting helps me understand and heal myself.” Her introspective approach to songwriting shines through in “Eyes On Me,” making it a poignant addition to her repertoire.

As Marli continues to carve out her place in the music industry, “Eyes On Me” serves as a testament to her growth and artistic vision. The single will be available on all digital platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Marli’s compelling storytelling and soulful sound.

With “Eyes On Me,” Marli invites audiences to contemplate the complexities of human connection in a superficial world, making her mark as a thoughtful and talented newcomer in the R&B/Soul genre.

Listen to “Eyes On Me” below!


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