Marquel – Hold It Down | Music Video


While only 19 years old, young R&B crooner Marquel is excelling leaps and bounds, proving that age is nothing when talent and skill is evidently there. Following on from his debut single “With My Ex” and the acclaim that it got, he serves us another slice of soul with his brand new single “Hold It Down“.


This latest cut is undeniably slick and really brings his smooth vocals to the foreground. He uses he trap-soul canvas and the easy-going acoustic melody to tell his story about the fantasy girl who he longs for after, reminiscent of the time he spent with her. His artistry is a melting pot of different sounds – growing up in Bowie and experiencing college life in Philadelphia – allowing him to stand out amongst his peers.



With the help of prominent Texas filmmaker Daniel Yates, the duo have managed to put together a simple, one-take video which was spontaneous and carefree and allowed Marquel to be himself and without doubt, he thrives in the spotlight.


“The video was more of a spontaneous thing me and the videographer wanted to do and we wanted it to be one-take, no editing. It’s funny actually because during the shoot no music was playing so all the dancing is done with no music! Our phones died right after the first take and we had to use what we had which turned out great!”


Many sing Marquel’s praises including Major Lazer‘s Walshy Fire and Grammy Award winning Wyclef Jean who speaks of his “fire and a passion that will take him far in this industry.” With shows in and around Philadelphia coming up and an EP out soon, “Hold it Down” is just the next step in the ascension of this young superstar. Make sure you keep up with him on Instagram.




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