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The legendary writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comic, Stan Lee who introduced a new era of superhero storytelling, has died. He was 95.


Kirk Schneck, an attorney for Lee’s daughter, has confirmed his death. He was taken by ambulance from his Los Angeles home on Monday morning, 12th of November, to Cedar’s Sinai Medical Centre, where he later died. The cause of his death is still unknown.


Lee began his career in 1939 and was the creator of the superhero characters Black Panther, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Mighty Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, the incredible Hulk, Daredevil and Ant-Man, and many other. He became a real-life superhero to comic book lovers everywhere.


The comic book legend started off as a writer, editor and occasional illustrator. In the early ‘60s, history took a turn when Lee was asked to come up with a team of superheroes to compete against the DC’s Justice League, that published characters such as Superman and Batman. The new superheroes became widely popular, allowing Marvel to surpass DC in both sales and fashionableness.


“I used to think what I did was not very important,” Lee had told the Chicago Tribune in April 2014. “People are building bridges and engaging in medical research, and here I was doing stories about fictional people who do extraordinary, crazy things and wear costumes. But I suppose I have come to realise that entertainment is not easily dismissed”.


Like Alfred Hitchcock, Lee had appeared in cameos in the Marvel movies, where he was seen watering his lawn, delivering mail, crashing a wedding, etc.


A family statement reads: J.C. Lee and all of Stan Lee’s friends and colleagues want to thank all of his fans and well-wishers for their kind words and condolences. Stan was an icon in his field. His fans loved him and his desire to interact with them. He loved his fans and treated them with the same respect and love they gave him”.


“He worked tirelessly his whole life creating great characters for the world to enjoy. He wanted to inspire our imagination and for us to all use it to make the world a better place. His legacy will live on forever”.



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