Matthew Dear – Modafinil Blues | New Music


Modafinil – a drug used to treat the effects of narcolepsy and various other sleep disorders. This is what Matthew Dear‘s hypnotic new song “Modafinil Blues” is inspired by. After a particularly rough part of touring, Dear was offered this drug which felt “fantastic” at first but, as with many drugs, “you come down”.


Unlike what modafinil is supposed to do, the melody sort of suspends you in deep sleep state where your whole body is relaxed. But there’s a creepy overlay that hints of grabbing you with a nightmarish grip, like floating in a sea and slowly being pulled down.


“I searched and I yearned for that pill to get me through / And now I’m helpless at best” Dear laments towards the end. The vocals sound like a marrying of Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode‘s Dave Gahan with just a small hint of Gary Numan.


All in all, “Modafinil Blues” is very captivating, so I urge you to listen below and download here.




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