Matthew McConaughey Become University Of Texas Lecturer | Film News

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Matthew McConaughey Become University Of Texas Lecturer | Film News


What if Matthew McConaughey was your professor? That’s what has happens to Texas University students, as the star actor and producer has officially been appointed as a professor of practice in the Department of Radio-Television-Film!


McConaughey will be providing students with “practical instruction on producing their own projects including web series, shorts, commercials and indie features” by studying script drafts, shot lists, storyboards, early edits and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.


The university made the announcement on Twitter, saying, “In recognition of his professional pedigree and personal investment in student success, Matthew McConaughey has been appointed a #TEXASMoody professor of practice”/



This job perfectly fits for McConaughey because this class is traditionally filled by individuals without PhDs. What’s needed is a knowledge about a specific subject. And we can’t say he doesn’t have that.


Indeed, he has 50 films under his belt and has also been a producer. Also, the class’s objective is to understand the behind the scenes of film production. Thus, he’ll could use real-life case studies drawn from his own films. Moreover, he has co-taught ‘Script to Screen’ film-production class with another professor before.


And this is not as haphazard as it looks, in fact he graduated from the University of Texas in 1993 with a degree in film, but if you are fan of his acting, don’t worry as he isn’t stopping acting just yet, and his upcoming film The Gentlemen is set for a 2020 release.



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