Maverick Sabre + Chip + Devlin + George The Poet – Emotion (Ain’t Nobody) [Remix] | Music Video


The unbelievably talented Maverick Sabre is continuing to bring to light his new single “Emotion (Ain’t Nobody)” with the release of a remix and visuals to match. The song features a full UK line up of some of the scene’s best artists including Chip, Devlin and George The Poet.


The simple yet well crafted video for the song takes you through the streets of London, based around council estates and high tower blocks, and combined with the lyrical master piece this song inhibits, the overall outcome is genius, and I just want to say a big thank you to Maverick for bringing this remix upon us, not that we expected anything less, I mean with a voice like his, no song could be less then brilliant.


The song is over flowing with emotion, each verse telling a story and filling the song with edge and passion, and then with Maverick smashing in to bring us the chorus with those raspy captivating vocals of his, the overall creation is a production to make the UK proud. Check out the visuals below.




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