Max Richter To Play Eight-Hour Composition Live On BBC Radio 3 | Music News

Max Richter


Imagine listening to eight hours of the same, gentle song non-stop. No disrespect to the composer but, wouldn’t you be tempted to fall asleep? That is exactly Max Richter’s intention with his composition: “Sleep”, an “eight-hour lullaby”.


The British composer is absolutely fascinated with the idea of sleep and regards “sleeping and being asleep [as] one of my favorite activities”, so it’s no surprise that he combined two of his passions: sleep and music. Additionally, he wants to provide a service to those who find difficulty in drifting off. “I’m very fortunate in being able to get a good night’s sleep, many are not. What I wanted to do is to provide a landscape or a musical place where people could actually fall asleep”, he said in an interview with NPR.


To purchase a one hour version of “Sleep”, or the entire eight hours, click here. It will also be performed live on BBC Radio 3 from September 26 (midnight) to September 27 (8 am). You can also watch the teaser trailer for the song below.




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