McClenney + April + Vista – Love In The Sky | New Music


Grammy-nominated singer and producer McClenney is gearing up for the release of a brand new EP I’m Not Here. The first cut was the brooding R&B cut “SOS” which dropped last month, but now he builds on anticipation with a second peek into the EP with new single “Love In The Sky“.


Featuring DMV duo April + Vista, “Love In The Sky” is a lush production packed with emotive lyrics and a truly retro R&B essence. Featuring vocals from both McClenney and April George, it features a downtempo yet beautifully layered melody of drums, synths, guitar and more. “Love In The Sky” is a hypnotizing masterpiece that is both contemporary and classic in construction and sound.


Much of the influence of “Love In The Sky,” and the remainder of I’m Not Here, stems from legendary act Earth, Wind, & Fire. I’m Not Here finds a special home preserving the legacy of the group while solidifying a new one for McClenney.



The latest project follows a massive few years for Chris McClenney that includes a Grammy acknowledgement for working with the likes of H.E.R and Khalid as well as production on projects. He’s toured for some time and had his solo work on numerous Spotify playlists. With a debut LP currently in the works, McClenney’s voice is one that will soon become inescapable.



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