Meadowhip Dazzles With Heartfelt Melodies On New Single ‘David’

Following an exciting year of collaborations and tours, meadowhip returns with her first solo release of 2024: “David“. This captivating track intertwines alt-pop, bossa, jazz, and soul into a vibrant and heartfelt musical experience.

“David” is a compact yet richly textured song that explores themes of longing and heartbreak. The track features suave and sophisticated melodies inspired by bossa nova, accompanied by gently lilting vocals.

The lush vocal harmonies, combined with warm nylon stringed guitars and simmering drums, create a sonic landscape that is both lively and melancholic. The bright keys and glockenspiel accents add a touch of sparkle, making the song a delightful yet poignant listen.

In meadowhip’s own words, “David is short, but so, so, so sweet. We’ve really crammed so much life into this track. It’s light-hearted and animated and sparkly, but it’s also got a touch of gloom about it, too … just like a David that I know.”

“David” tells the story of unrelenting yet unrequited affection for a boy who effortlessly charms and leaves behind a trail of broken hearts. The lyrics  capture the essence of light-hearted anguish, painting a vivid picture of love, rejection, and despair. Meadowhip describes the character of David as a lovable yet mischievous figure who captivates and devastates in equal measure.

Meadowhip is the solo project of Cara Walkam, a talented musician and poet from Wollongong. After recovering from a major hemorrhagic stroke in 2019, Cara began exploring themes of self and society through her music. Influenced by artists like Solange, Tame Impala, Erykah Badu, and Moonchild, meadowhip blends introspective lyrics with pop melodies and elements of alt-R&B, soul, and jazz.

Her music has gained recognition across various platforms, including Women in Pop, MusicFeeds, and IGGY Magazine, with radio support from Triple J, FBI, and SYN in Australia, and international acclaim. In 2023, she co-headlined a national Australian tour with collaborator Benjamino, and 2024 promises more exciting releases, including an acoustic EP.

Don’t miss this beautifully crafted song that combines playful grooves with heartfelt storytelling. Listen to “David” below!


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