Meet X-23 In The New Trailer For ‘Logan’ | Film Trailer


The first trailer for Logan played like an elegiac send-off for our favourite scruffy mutant. Today we have finally gotten our hands on the second trailer and it looks like Wolverine’s thunder is stolen swiftly by another mutant, namely Dafne Keen‘s X-23.


Do you need a quick recap? James Mangold‘s Logan takes part in a mutant-ridden world, where the remainder of the once powerful superhumans have gone into hiding. Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) and Logan (Hugh Jackman) step into the light and hit the road to protect a gifted girl, X-23 (Dafne Keen) from a nasty organization, led by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook).


The new footage gives the spotlight to X-23, Laura Kinney, who certainly displays some of Wolverine’s temper and taste for spectacle. We are sure she will quickly become your new favourite precious smol.


Pack your tissues and save the date – Thursday, March 2 here in the UK. Meanwhile, get a taste of the new trailer below:




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