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The husband and wife duo Megan & Shane released in early January their new EP You Saved Me which will be available on streaming platforms on February 1, 2020, of which the title track “You Saved Me” is out now.


Megan & Shane are composers and performers. They created their duo a year ago, after having played for almost ten years in various bands of various music such as punk, ska, country, soul and rock.


The couple is from Minnesota but moved to Arizona in 2012 and opened the School Of Rock music program. Some of their songs were recorded at Sun Studios with the famous producer Matt Ross-Spang. The day after these recordings, they got married in Memphis at the Stax Museum Of Soul.


The You Saved Me EP was recorded in Minnesota. Megan and Shane wanted to get closer to their family and friends for their 6th wedding anniversary. It was made at the Terrarium Studio, where famous other artists such as Prince or Pink made their own recordings.


For their music, Noah Levy of Golden Smog and Brian Setzer Orchestra played drums and Brett Johnson – who played with the band Atmosphere – the bass. According to the duo, “You Saved Me” is about empowerment through love and understanding and not being alone in the world.


Listen to “You Saved Me” below:




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